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Israeli Settler Security murders Palestinian man, Israeli news reports inaccurate account

This is Bud. Technical difficulties have prevented me from getting into the blog and activating my cell phone. Flew in very late yesterday and only slept a few hours before I got up for breakfast in Jerusalem. No complications getting into Israel and I took a jet lag nap after breakfast.

Damascus Gate Closing
The Team decided to visit the old city and as we walked through the narrow streets, Israeli Police and Israeli Military began running to the Damascus Gate from all directions. So we went towards the gate and the military had blocked the gate preventing anyone from getting in or out.

We worked our way up to the wall above the gate to get a view of what was happening on the other side and were able to see the police and military refusing anyone passage. In the distance it was clear to see that there was some commotion with police cars and a large group of people.

Damascus Gate Closed

After some time the military allowed the Damascus gate to open and we decided to go up to the site of the activity. There we witnessed the police handcuffing and hauling away two individuals with media sources and people around watching. After talking to an eye witness and reliable source we discovered that over the past week or so the Israeli Military had been randomly beating Palestinians in the area. On this particular day a Palestinian man that was drunk accidentally bumped into and knocked down a Jewish woman and Settlement Security began to chase him and shot him in the back four times with a stray bullet injuring an innocent bystander. After the Palestinian man died, the police arrested his two brothers and father.

We also spoke to two international students that informed us that the media was already reporting that the Palestinian man had a knife and that he attacked and stabbed security before they shot him. The eyewitness we spoke to said there was no knife attack. Before long the police and military were gone and the streets were back to normal. Well normal for an occupied nation.

Police arrest brother of murdered Palestinian man

Palestinian brother being escorted to police car
Later that day, we also witnessed the Israeli Police completely emptying a Palestinian merchant's truck and empty every package all over the streets. This shocking and eye-opening experience should be witnessed by anyone who supports peace, non-violence and wants to really see what apartheid looks like. Please send your prayers to the people of these countries.

Police searching Palestinian merchants truck

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