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On Truth

 The recent history of this world has been a continuing lesson for the cause of human rights and the establishment of international law to aid in the protection and habitation of all people regardless of classification. Yet, many of the laws and rights guaranteed to all people are neglected and purposefully forgotten by the very Parties that have established them. The Geneva Conventions and additional Provisions thereof are the continuation of many great works to address the needs of people whether soldier or civilian affected by war and occupation.

 The following are samples of articles outlined in the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and two additional Protocols of 1977. 

Protocol I, Art. 54 - Protection of objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population

"It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove, or render useless object indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as food-stuffs, agricultural areas for the production of food-stuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away, or for any other motive."
"... in no event shall actions against these objects be taken which may be expected to leave the civilian population with such inadequate food or water as to cause its starvation or force its movement."

Protocol II, Art. 17 - Prohibition of forced movement of civilians 

"The displacement of the civilian population shall not be ordered for reasons related to the conflict unless the security of the civilians involved or imperative military reasons so demand. Should such displacements have to be carried out, all possible measures shall be taken in order that the civilian population may be received under satisfactory conditions of shelter, hygiene, health, safety and nutrition."
"Civilians shall not be compelled to leave their own territory for reasons connected with the conflict."

Protocol I, Art. 57 sec. 2 - Precautions in attack

"In the conduct of military operations, constant care shall be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians and civilian objects."
"an attack shall be cancelled or suspended if it becomes apparent that the objective is not a military one or is subject to special protection or that the attack may be expected to cause incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians, damage to civilian objects" 

With the laws outlined in such works as the above established and the daily violation of such agreements by High Contracting Parties; what is progress through deception but the recurrence of history as lesson.



Three MPT Teamers are scheduled to deploy to the West Bank in early February.  We are excited to work together as a supportive and loving community who view peace work with MPT as an extension of the peace activism we are committed to here in the U.S.  We acknowledge the necessity of creating peaceful communities dedicated to nonviolence, as well as the power generated by modeling nonviolent resistance to U.S. Empire locally, nationally and globally.  We have completed Step 2 training and are currently attending Step 3 training in preparation to provide a counter narrative to force through nonviolence. 

We look forward to sharing all of our experiences on the ground in Palestine.  So watch for upcoming posts!  Peace be the journey!

-MPT Winter Team 2013


Greetings from the end of a year and the beginning of one anew. In silent preparation for the near departure of this journey of peace; doubt has vanished with the embrace of certainty to remain as the sun to a moment where darkness once reigned. It will be very soon that our team shall be standing with our brothers and sisters from a distant community; similar to our own communities yet different just the same. I am appreciative of this opportunity to embrace an experience such as this which shall ripple through the corridors of memory and may possibly one day build a new history. The saga of modern civilization has been an extremely polemical contrast for the different classes of citizens yet all share the same humanity. In taking part of this vital work it is my hope that we all through the courage of facing adversity for the sake of humanity come to understand ourselves and the world around us with a renewed perspective.