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What do Teams DO?

What do Peace Teams DO? 
(These are just a few examples, read our 
archived blog posts for more details on our daily work!) 

Invited by local communities and leaders, teams have reduced violence through:
  • Protective Accompaniment: for example, escort a threatened person or group to work/school 
  • Documentation and Observation: Pictures, Video, Notes and Reports help people get their stories heard, and can influence those in power.
  • Interpositioning: put yourself between two people or groups to lessen the threat of violence
  • Model nonviolence, BE the alternative to violence and militarism
  • Live and Work in community with your team, and in solidarity with the local population
  • Attend Nonviolent Demonstrations and Support Nonviolent Resistance to Occupation
  • Support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement
  • Attend regional conferences and meet-ups, like the Bilin Conference.
We train people from all walks of life-- from retirees to students and teachers, from clergy to businesspeople.  If you can give three weeks of your time (or up to three months) and commit to nonviolence and team building, we'd like to hear from you.

Click Here for the Team Member e-application, or contact Nicoler.MPT@gmail.com for more information.