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Palestine - A country under constant and invasive military surveillance

Walk anywhere in Palestine and you will see cameras on walls and rooftops, scrutinizing people's every move. It is not that much different than in the US, but it is much more invasive in occupied Palestine. The occupying Israeli military has set up armored military observation towers on top of Palestinian homes.  They have also put video cameras on Palestinian homes.  There are military observation balloons and unmanned air surveillance drones. There are 522 checkpoints and road blocks obstructing Palestinian movement in the West Bank. The Israeli border police and Israeli military communicate via radio at each of these locations, thus maintaining complete control over Palestinian movement and privacy.

The armored military observation tower shown was constructed on a Palestinian rooftop before there was a way to get to it, so the Israeli military forced access through the Palestinians home to get to the tower. 

Basic human rights of privacy and dignity for Palestinians continue to be eroded away by the Occupation.  The right to privacy is considered a basic and natural human right. The right to travel is a recognized human right reflected in article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Armored military observation tower
Israeli surveillance camera on Palestinian home

Israeli military observation balloon

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