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Israel displaced 1,215 Palestinians last year through home demolitions.

Israel is systematically demolishing Palestinian homes without concern or respect for the hardship to the families and the local community or the historic, religious, archaeological or cultural significance of the buildings. According to the United Nations, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, during 2014, Israeli authorities issued a total of 911 demolition orders against Palestinian structures on the grounds of lack of building permits. This is only a slight decline of the demolitions in 2013. Demolition orders can target more than one structure.

Since Israel retains exclusive control over planning and zoning, they have refused to grant building permits to Palestinians and then demolish targeted structures built without permits and any existing structure they want to demolish without a permit they issued. Basically Israel has set up a system that allows demolition of any building they want irrespective of its cultural, religious, archaeological or historic value and irrespective of the hardship it causes to families and the communities.

According to several sources, Israel also uses home demolitions as a collective punishment for Palestinians that are arrested or even just accused of a crime. Once a Palestinian has been arrested or detained, these individuals homes, their parents homes or other relatives homes are often times scheduled for demolition as a collective punishment.

Last year, 1,215 Palestinians were displaced because of home demolition, forced evictions and take over of property by Israeli settlers. All of this is in violation of International Law, yet Israel does not seem to care.

Meta Peace Team members visited over a dozen demolitions or scheduled demolition sites in Far'un. Several demolished homes were brand new homes that Palestinians spent many years saving to build for their families and the Israeli authorities demolished them displacing the families and in a few cases causing family members to die of heart attack or depression.  
After this new Palestinian home was demolished, father dies of heart attack

Another new home built for a family of 8, Israel demolished

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