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Occupying Israeli Military targeting International Solidarity Movement members

It appears that occupying Israeli forces new strategy in al-Kahlil is targeting alternative news sources, international peace organizations, and Palestinian solidarity movements. In the last several weeks, the occupying Israeli military has raided and destroyed cameras, computers and transmitters of a local Palestinian radio station and Youth Against Settlements. The International Solidarity Movements apartment has been raided several times and members have been ordered to leave under arbitrary closed military zones that have incorrect dates, no official stamps and are handwritten. Today, two ISM members were arrested (in effect, kidnapped) by Israeli soldiers, who claimed they were in the arbitrarily closed military zone. Just a few minutes ago (as of this writing) the International Solidarity Movement was informed that members of the military would force them out of their new apartment.

The growing trend indicates that occupying Israeli soldiers do not want an international presence to bear witness to and report their human rights violations and war crimes.  If international peace and justice organizations are forced to focus on military kidnappings of their members, house raids evicting these human rights monitors, and having to grapple with constantly changing, ambiguous closed military zones, it makes it difficult for them to provide protective accompaniments for children going to and from school and olive farmers trying to harvest their crops, It compromises their ability to act as human rights witnesses at public demonstrations, where they observe, document, and report violations of  international law. These international peacemaking groups do not wish to take the spotlight off of the slow-motion genocide that is being perpetrated on the Palestinian people.
Occupying israeli military forcing ISM out of apartment

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