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Enraged Israeli settler throws stones at kindergarten students, injuring two.

Early in the morning, Palestinian boys, ages five to seven, gather in front of the Monte Nabe boys school in al-Khalil. One child threw a stone at a settler's car passing in front of the school, and the enraged driver jumped out of his car and began screaming and picking up large stones and throwing them at the children. When a young woman from International Solidarity Movement tried to intervene, the settler pushed her,spit on her and called her a whore. The Israeli settler then picked up more stones and started chasing the children into the fenced-in school yard. The Israeli border police pulled up and watched as the settler kept throwing stones at the children until the ISM volunteer pleaded with the police to make him stop. Finally after injuring two of the boys, the police decided to tell the settler to stop.

Israeli settler chasing children
The hypocrisy of this situation is not lost. If a Palestinian throws a stone at an Israeli, the Palestinian can be imprisoned for up to two years - according to Israeli authorities - or be shot....something which happens regularly in Palestine. Yet, per International Law, it is legal for an occupied nation to resist their oppressors.  Still, Israel is allowed to get away with this and other blatant human rights violations.  And there is also the matter of a grown man - the Israeli settler - throwing stones at children while Israeli police look on.  In this case, if it were not for the intervention of the ISM volunteer, more children could have been injured - or worse.
Enraged settler holding stone
Israeli border police escort settler back to his car

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