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Occupying Israeli Military force Meta Peace Team from home

Meta Peace Team members and International Solidarity Movement members were forced out of their Kahlil home in Palestine yesterday. I was told this was the third time the military has done this recently. Shortly after arriving at the home, we were greeted with a delicious meal and while we were eating the meal, the Occupying Israeli army forced the door in and told us to leave at gunpoint. They claimed we were in a closed military zone and we argued to be allowed to stay, but they ended up only giving us 10 minutes to pack our belongings and leave. The ISM called their attorney as the paperwork was not stamped with official seals and was hand written, but the military and police became angry and more forceful when we challenged them. As we left the house the Israeli police demanded our passports and took down our information. We were escorted several blocks away and told to go.

Earlier that day, when we arrived to the city by taxi, the entrance to the city was closed by occupying Israeli forces, so we had to get out of the taxi on the highway and hike into the city. Kahlil is a unique city because it was a Palestinian city that occupying Israel has cut in half and enforces part of the city as Palestinian and part as Jewish settlers.

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