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Israeli Military Injures 350 Palestine Technical University Students

The Israeli Military has been conducting daily raids against Palestinian students going to class on the campus of Palestine Technical University-Khadoorie. University administration reported that in these raids, the military has been using tear gas, shooting rubber bullets and live ammo at students and spraying them with sewage water. These raids have injured approximately 350 students in the last 6 weeks sending many to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Twelve students have also been arrested and held for the past 6 month with no charges nor possibility of release for up to one year. These students are simply carrying books, going to class and being bullied by an out-of-control military. One student who spoke at an NGO meeting said, "It felt like I was being hunted by Israeli soldiers and I felt helpless. What could I do? Throw a stone?"

After the Israeli Military began attacking students, the University Administration made daily attempts to contact Israeli Authorities and Military officials to stop the violence against the students. To date they have received no response. The University officials attempted to remove the military training facility with a bulldozer and the Israeli Military stole the University's bulldozer and detained the University Vice President, threatening to arrest. He was later released.

The Israeli's have been doing military training exercises on the Palestinian University campus for years within 200 feet of school buildings against international law. Palestinian Technical University was established in 1930 and became a University in 2007. An Israeli military aircraft destroyed 40% of the Administration Building in 2002 during the second Intafada.
Israeli Military Training Site on PTU Campus

Palestine Technical University with students

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