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Israeli military invades Palestine Technical University, shooting 10 unarmed students

On November 25, 2015 the occupying Israeli military invaded the campus of Palestine Technical University (PTU), sending 10 unarmed college students to the hospital with gunshot wounds and another 20 with respiratory issues from tear gas and wounds from rubber-coated bullets.

Israel has set up a military training facility on the campus of PTU,  and beginning in October of this year, the soldiers there began attacking students.  Over the last two months, the Israeli military has injured over 400 students.

Palestine Technical University has 6,300 students that attend classes in areas as diverse as Agriculture, Arts and Science, Business, Accounting, and Engineering. Several students approached MPT Team members as they took photos to document the bullets holes in the campus library windows. They said that life as a student here is very difficult, and that it appears that the Israeli military is using the campus as a training location for new soldiers to practice. The soldiers begin shooting to incite students, and should a student throw a stone towards the training facility, Israeli snipers will shoot at the students.

The documentation of soldiers entering campus and shooting at unarmed students can be found here:

#فيديو اقتحام الاحتلال لحرم جامعة #خضوري، وسط اطلاق للرصاص وقنابل الغاز بشكل كثيف
Posted by Mohammad Qashou (Palmedia News) on Tuesday, November 24, 2015  

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