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Al Ma'sara: a double wedding

July 31st 2009

Four MPTers returned for another demonstration against the Separation Wall, settlements, and Israeli-only roads in the village of Al Ma’sara near Bethlehem. The demonstration was unique because it was also a wedding celebration for two Palestinian couples who live in the village. MPT joined local Palestinians, Israeli activists and other internationals in a march from the village, towards the area that the military closes off with barbed wire each Friday afternoon. The protest started at 5pm and lasted approximately 2 hours.

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The march, which included the two couples getting married, was met by a combination of about 20 Israeli police, border police and soldiers. The protesters were stopped as usual in front of a barbed wire fence put up by the military. Locals gave several speeches, some that included thanking internationals and Israeli activists for joining them in their struggle.

Israeli police videotaping demonstrators

Soldiers arresting Israeli activist

The brides and grooms rejoin the demonstration by driving around to where the soldiers were and crossing over the barbed wire fence

One of the grooms gives the soldiers a peace sign

Israeli police officers took pictures and video footage of the protesters as a form of intimidation. The demonstrators remained non-violent, although the Soldiers violently pushed a photographer and arrested three Israeli activists. The brides and grooms exited the demonstration, and then returned from Al Ma’sara land on the opposite side of the barbed wire fence constructed by Israeli Forces. The brides and grooms did their best to celebrate their day while still non-violently resisting the occupation.

The wedding party dancing during the demonstration

a young Palestinian activist

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