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Bil'in: Peaceful protestors met with more teargas and chemical spray

(Demonstrators flee from dozens of teargas canisters.)

On Friday, 7 August 2009, two MPTers returned to the village of Bil’in for their weekly demonstration against the Occupation. While MPT was at the demonstration the Israeli military released a mass amount of teargas canisters into the crowd causing demonstrators to run from the fence as they were unable to breathe. Once the crowd returned to the Separation Barrier demonstrators gave short speeches directed at the Israeli military asking for peace. The group was met again with dozens of teargas canisters causing the same reaction as before. The military shot teargas twice more before bringing out a chemical liquid mixture commonly referred to as the “Skunk” spray, which incites vomiting. As the demonstration ended and MPTers left the site the Israeli military continued to fire random teargas canisters into the dispersing crowd.

MPT was informed that one Palestinian and one member of the press were arrested.

(Member of the press often wear gas masks so that they may document the demonstration without suffocating from the teargas.)

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