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Press Release: April 8, 2008

For Immediate Release:


Citizens of the West Bank report that the presence of MPT members is effective in decreasing violence in the region.

West Bank; April 8, 2008: A four member team of the Michigan Peace Team, ages ranging from 26 - 69, has arrived in the Occupied West Bank. The team will be working with Palestinians, Israelis and other Internationals to promote nonviolent conflict resolution.
MPT’s violence reduction team is prepared to engage in a variety of nonviolent methods to de-escalate potentially volatile situations. Team members accompany Palestinian children to school and shepherds to their fields (both of which are in danger of being attacked by extremist Israeli settlers), and act as international observers at military checkpoints. Additionally, they join with other Israelis, Palestinians and other Internationals in demonstrating against the Separation wall Israel is constructing on Palestinian land.
On March 13, 2008, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the Islamic Summit in Dakar and relayed that violence against unarmed Palestinian citizens continues to escalate. He said that Israel’s disproportionate and excessive use of force against the Palestinians has led to a large number of civilian casualties, including children. "Israel has to comply with the law and international legality and show restraint. We condemn the Israeli attacks on Palestinian peoples," he said.
Michigan Peace Team was founded in 1993. It provides trainings in active nonviolence designed for the specific needs of the participants, and deploys peace teams into places of conflict (both domestically and internationally) to reduce violence. MPT convenes, supports, and participates with local peace action groups and gatherings, and mentors individuals seeking experience with international tams in places of conflict. It also educates the public to the vision and practice of active nonviolence. MPT has deployed peace teams into areas of potential violence around the world.

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MPT Fields Four Special Teams in 2009!
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