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Introduction of Fall Team member - Rusty

Hello, I am Rusty (OK, that is my "Trail Name" when hiking - a tradition on the Appalachian Trail). I am excited to be a part of the fall team headed to the West Bank. Quotes seem to be guiding forces for many. I came upon this poster years ago and have hung it in every office/work place of my career. It is old and beat up but the message is still sound. It is from such guiding forces that I find myself compelled to be involved more actively than sitting home peacefully, praying for peace, marching, letter writing and such. I look forward to sending accurate new releases from Palestine. My hope is that my supporters, family, friends and other readers of this blog will learn a bit more about the situation in Palestine and be moved to take action as they see fit. I trust that my presence in Palestine will in some way help to diminish violence.

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