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‘Iraq Burin: Protesting the Confiscation of Land

August 21, 2009—Two MPTers traveled to the village of ‘Iraq Burin to join a protest against the continued confiscation of village lands, as well as the inability to access their agricultural land. The village is 8 kilometers west of Nablus and the illegal settlement of Har Bracha is located southeast of ‘Iraq Burin. Har Bracha and its outposts are the same communities that have harassed the villagers of Burin, which MPT has written about in past reports.

(Marching to the fields that farmers in 'Iraq Burin no longer have access to because of the nearby illegal settlement.)

One hundred dunums of ‘Iraq Burin land has been confiscated by Israel in order to construct the illegal settlement of Har Bracha. Some of the land that remains in the residents of ‘Iraq Burin’s possession, farmers are prevented from grazing sheep on or harvesting because of its close proximity to the settlement. Villagers have also been harassed by the settlers of Har Bracha.

(Soldiers waiting on top of the hill.)

The demonstration that MPT joined, was the third that has taken place in the village. After the noon prayer, protestors including Palestinian and international activists marched toward their confiscated lands, while holding banners and Palestinian flags. There were approximately 100 Palestinians and 20 internationals present. Upon arrival in the fields near the settlement, soldiers surrounded the demonstrators and shot multiple teargas canisters at the crowd. The procession continued to protest for an hour and then ended the demonstration.

(Protesters gathered on a small hill in the field.)

(Soldiers came over to the crowd to force protesters back.)

No arrests or injuries were reported.

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