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Settlers attempt to desecrate mosque

The afternoon of October 4, 2010 MPT received a phone call for help with witness and documenting of settlers from the illegal settlement of Yitzar threatening to desecrate a mosque under construction in Burin. On October 3 settlers had published flyers across the occupied Palestinian area calling for other settlers to come to Burin to desecrate the mosque because they considered it unfair that Palestinians are allowed to build a new mosque, but settlers are not allowed to build a synagogue ‘on their land’.

As MPT traveled to Burin, 5 Israeli police military vehicles were noted parked facing the road. In Burin 40-50 Palestinians were gathered near the mosque. Several Palestinians from nearby villages also came to show support. Present were personnel from Reuters and the Associated Press as well as internationals from various peace organizations.

On the south hillside, four Israeli police military vehicles were blocking the road where a crowd of settlers were forming beside a large banner they had erected with a crane. A large bus drove back and forth along the upper road behind the military barrier as both sides of the road filled with cars and the settler group by the banner grew.

(picture above right: Palestinians watch the gathering settlers)

No confrontation between settlers and Palestinians occurred through the night.

(Israeli soldiers blockade the settlers from the Palestinians.)

MPT was active in the olive harvest in Burin in the fall of 2009. They viewed the aftermath of the destructive cutting of over 100 ripe olive trees.

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Burin has been continuous violently threatened by the illegal Israeli settlements of Yitzar and Bracha. Accounts of this situation in various other media sources reinforces the fact that the settler violence go unchecked in this village.

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