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October 22-24 Training for Future Team Members-- Or Anyone!

Join us this month for an Advanced Training Retreat (October 22-24, 2010; more information and online registration at Idealist.org).   Curious about the training? At the end of this posting is a list of some of the practice areas covered during the Retreat.

As you may know, in 2010 MPT worked with hundreds of local and national peace-minded folks to offer basic and advanced trainings, and to deploy Domestic and International Peace Teams.  We had peace team members and volunteers from all across the United States.  We also had international applicants, team members, and volunteers-- from Romania, France, Germany, and more.  Our program in Juarez continues, and we are evaluating options for that program in 2011; in the meantime we are taking applications for both Juarez and Palestine for next year.  We will continue our commitment to deploy teams quarterly to the West Bank. 

We are need to confirm peace team members to start training this month, for deployment to Palestine in January 2011; and as always, we need veteran team members to serve as team anchors.

Whether you're considering an 2011/12 International Team to Palestine or Juarez (even if you're not sure)-- or if you aren't interested in a team, but want to practice and improve your nonviolence skills, this is the training weekend for you.  If you want to continue your nonviolence training for your personal or professional development, this training is stand-alone.  It's an amazing chance to further your own grounding in nonviolence, and learn more about nonviolent action in a team retreat setting. 

For those who want the option of going on a team in January, February or March 2011, this training is required
.  If you plan to deploy later (or if plans change), this weekend intensive meets the requirement for your one of your two training retreats in preparation for any team in 2011 or 2012!  If you are considering a team January through March 2011, you will also need to start the online/remote portion of your training, which starts as soon as possible this month.  Contact NicoleR.MPT@gmail.com for details. 

We encourage you to start on-site and remote training as soon as possible if you are considering an International Team in 2011/12; there is no obligation, and training is part of the process of mutual evaluation to decide if an MPT Team is the right fit for you!

Here are just some of the areas covered at our Advanced and International Trainings (in both retreats and remote/online training)...
Getting to know oneself (hopes and fears, relationship to money, goals and expectations for trip, how do you deal w/ stress/conflict  etc.)
Getting to know the team and team building activities
Listening and Communication tools (active listening, I messages, CLARA)
Role Plays
Consensus decision making
Affinity Teams
Self Care (co-counseling, trauma, compassion fatigue, ritual, first aid etc.)

Power, Privilege and Oppression
Media and 'Telling the Story'
Who is MPT?
What are Peace Teams? What is nonviolent conflict resolution/third party nonviolent intervention? What is our role?
Nonviolence as a big picture, and What is nonviolence?
Location Specific Training @ second On-Site Retreat (background of conflict/brief history, cultural sensitivity, etc.) -- for International Team Applicants Only
Administrative Stuff, Forms, Tips and "nuts and bolts" info. (packing tips, MPT Forms, what we expect from you/what should you expect from us) -- for International Team Applicants Only

We hope you can join us!  Please register online now or simply email or call me at the information below with any questions or concerns!

In Peace,

Nicole Rohrkemper
International Team Deployment Coordinator
Michigan Peace Team
(586) 419-1070 (direct line)




Learn How You can Join a Peace Team- FAQs at http://mptinpalestine.blogspot.com/p/faqs-for-potential-teamers.html.

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