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MPT watches army and goats

A family from the small village of Kafr Qalil was picking very near the settlement of Har Brach. When angry yelling was heard from Israeli settlers, MPT talked on the cell phone with Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) explaining the situation at the request of the Palestinian farmer. The District Commanding Officer of the Occupying Israeli army was contacted by RHR representative. The Palestinian farmer appeared increasingly anxious; there has been a history of harassment including violation and destruction of property. MPT saw evidence of illegal grazing and burned land. The farmer and RHR requested MPT to take pictures of any settler aggression. An Israeli military jeep with 4 soldiers drove to the settlers’ goat watering pond and talked to the settlers. From the valley below the picking area, the soldiers observed the Palestinian family and the 4 internationals with photo equipment. Although the soldiers remained with the settlers, the farmer decided to pick in a safer area.

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