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FREE Tix to MPT's Gala Signature Event! Plus, Trainings for 2011

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Special Opportunity: New Technology and Branding Committee @MPT!

Calling All:
- Marketing folks
- Graphic Designers
- Web Designers
- Creative thinkers
- Tech Wizards
- IT professionals
- Social networking guru's, and more!

Join our Tech & Branding Committee. Meets just once a month -or- consider consulting on one project.  Build your resume & get great references!

@gmail.com or 517-484-3178.  
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Vol. 16, Edition 10
→ Signature Event Update and Win Tickets!

→ Adv Training Dates for 2011

→ Teams Now Forming
→ Coming Events

→ Resource Bar

News for those interested in joining an MPT International Peace Team, Team Support Volunteers, and Peace Team Veterans.

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Dear Team Member or Supporter,
Please scroll down for your regular news and updates--but before you do, please consider this brief note on  one way you can support the work of MPT: join us at our upcoming gala dinner!

Want to purchase a ticket, but still not sure you can afford one?  In order to join us, and support MPT's critical conflict intervention work, this month consider giving up just one of the following:
  • Two weeks of coffee at home, not coffee-shops
  • 3 movies with popcorn
  • two nights out to dinner
  • Bike don't Drive - Do it yourself, and ask two loved ones to skip a trip in the car each week; donate the money saved toward a ticket. 
  • Or: Ask your workplace, organization, place of worship to sponsor a ticket!
We at Michigan Peace Team are counting the days until our Signature event, Living Justice: Celebrating the Life and Work of Edward Said and Rachel Corrie The event will be held at the elegant Greenfield Manor of Dearbon, and will feature speakers Grace Said (sister of political and intellectual figure Edward Said) and Cindy Corrie (mother of Rachel.Corrie,  a young peace activitist killed working in the West Bank).  This is a not-to-be-missed event that will include a spectacular meal, an exquisite silent auction, great talks, and dabke dancing. 
We know that these are very challenging economic times, and yet the work has never been more important.  We are asking you to seriously consider making the sacrifice to support  MPT's work for peace. To order your tickets, send your check made out to Michigan Peace Team to Sr. Mary Ann Ford at 24071 Oneida, Oak Park, MI 48237 or purchase online at mptsigevent.blogspot.com. You can also call  Liz Walters at 517-484-3178 or 517-231-7403 for more information. 

We cannot guarantee seats after Nov. 3.  Tables are filling quickly . . . RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY.

In Peace,

Nicole Rohrkemper
International Team Deployment Coordinator
Michigan Peace Team

(586) 419-1070 (direct line)


*Applications are due this Sunday, October 31st, 2010*
Why: You need a ticket; we can always use committed volunteers.

How it works: Submit a half-page 'essay' (300 words or less), explaining why you should get the tickets.  You must include the following THREE THINGS:

1. Briefly state your Economic Need
(i.e. limited or no income, recent unemployment, student, etc.)

2.  Make a signficant and meaningful commitment to volunteering with MPT between now and March 1st, 2011, and tell us HOW you will participate.

Choose one or more projects below (or suggest your own):

  • Create a Wiki Page for MPT Advanced Trainings (must have tech know-how)
  • Become an assistant Trainer for MPT (hands-on, on-site learning required-- mostly weekends)
  • Volunteer for Team Training Roleplays 3x (usually in Lansing, MI on Saturdays)
  • Interview new MPT Team Members (domestic or international team veterans only, 1-2 hours per interview)
  • Serve on an International Teams Policy Committee, early 2011 (great for returned team members or anyone who is familiar with conflict intervention work)
  • Volunteer in the MPT office in Lansing (assist staff, data entry, phone calls, and more)
  • Virtual Volunteer located anywhere, to work with International Teams Coordinator (via email and phone) on team deployment projects, must be tech-savvy and have reliable internet access
  • Volunteer to cook for 2011 Advanced Trainin weekends
  • Detroit Metro Area Volunteer to work with International Teams Coordinator on team deployment projects
  • Stuff Evelopes for upcoming campaigns
  •  Commit to being an Anchor for an International Team for 1-3 months (International Team Veterans only, tell us what quarter of 2011: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Or, suggest your own project to benefit MPT!

3.  List WHEN you are available to volunteer (Examples: weeknights? weekends? Fridays? Every other Thursday from 3-5? One Saturday a month?).

For more information about these volunteer opportunities, contact NicoleR.mpt@gmail.com by Friday.

When: Due by Sunday, October 31st at Midnight EST
Send your answers in an email or a .doc attachment to:
NicoleR.mpt@gmail.com.  If you want to apply with a hard copy, or can't use email to apply, contact Nicole at 586-419-1070 by Friday.
Winner will recieve two tickets to the MPT Signature Event, taking place in Dearborn, MI on November 5th, 2010.  Tickets have been donated by the generous Sponsors of the event.
Winner will be notified by Monday, November 1st, 2010.
Thank you and Good Luck!

Consider one of the Volunteer Projects listed to the left.
Regardless of who wins tickets, we need volunteers like YOU to continue the work you're reading about in this newsletter.
Even if you don't want the tickets, or don't win, we need folks to take on these projects.  Can you help?
Contact NicoleR.mpt
@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer for many of the projects listed to the left.
Or, to volunteer at the MPT office in Lansing, contact

Thank you to all of our committed volunteers!

Get ready to pack your bags and deploy as soon as this January!



  Palestine/Israel Winter 2011 (Jan- March)

This team is currently on hold due to lack of an Anchor/veteran team member to lead the team.  Without an anchor, a Winter team will not deploy, and prospectice Winter team membrs will be asked to consider joining the Spring Team in April (below). For general program info, see FAQs.  Training begins late Fall.  Contact  Nicoler.MPT@gmail.com. 
Palestine/Israel Spring 2011 (April - June)
  Apply Now; suggested application deadline is January 1, 2011See FAQs.  You are invited to begin training this fall, including out October Retreat (see info above)Contact  Nicoler.MPT@gmail.com. 

Palestine/Israel Summer and Fall 2011 
Apply early to begin training and preparation in plenty of time.  Join us to start your advanced training as soon as October 2010; contact  Nicoler.MPT@gmail.com for details.   
Juarez, Mexico Winter/Spring 2011
We are currently evaluating our 2011 program for Juarez.  We are taking provisional applications in the meantime; we invite you to apply early, so we can guage the size of a potential team.
Spanish Speakers Only (Intermediate OK). 

Need more Information? Contact Nicoler.MPT@gmail.com


Advanced Nonviolence Training
Weekend Intensives Scheduled for 2011!
Register or More Information on Idealist.org
(scroll down to Events List at bottom of Idealist link).
This training intensive is a great step toward being a key member of International or Domestic Peace Teams with MPT!  It's also wonderful for practicing everyday skills you can use for communication, conflict transformation and more-- at home, work and in your community.

Advanced Training is Now Open to everyone, not just International Team members! Learn advanced nonviolence skills, including intervention, affinity team building, communication tools, roleplay practice, and more. Advanced registration required for this Friday-Sunday intensive workshop (you chose the date that works for you, one of four + options per year).  To register or for more information and upcoming dates: NicoleR.MPT@Gmail.com.

More Info on Basic Trainings: Visit our

Advanced Trainings Curriculum Topics Include:
  • Role Plays
  • Consensus decision making
  • Affinity Teams
  • Power, Privilege and Oppression
  • Media and 'Telling the Story' Who is MPT?
  • Self Care (co-counseling, trauma, compassion fatigue, ritual, first aid etc.)
  • Getting to know oneself (hopes and fears, relationship to money, goals and expectations for trip, how do you deal w/ stress/conflict  etc.)
  • Getting to know the team and team building activities 
  • Listening and Communication tools (active listening, I messages, CLARA)
  • What are Peace Teams? What is nonviolent conflict resolution/third party nonviolent intervention? What is our role?
  • Nonviolence as a big picture, and What is nonviolence?
  • Location Specific Training @ second On-Site Retreat (background of conflict/brief history, cultural sensitivity, etc.) -- for International Team Applicants Only
  • Administrative Stuff, Forms, Tips and "nuts and bolts" info. (packing tips, MPT Forms, what we expect from you/what should you expect from us) -- for International Team Applicants Only.

More information on upcoming trainings, plus

Handy Contact Information 

International Team Info
Nicole Rohrkemper,
International Team Deployment Coordinator

Phone: (586) 419-1070

MPT Events and Basic Training
Michigan Peace Team
(Main Office)
808 W. Barnes
Lansing, MI 48910

Phone: (517) 484-3178
Nov 5th, 2010
MPT Signature Event
Gala Dinner, Auction, Awards and More!
Oct 30, 2010
Nonviolence Training
10am-5pm, Open to All!
540 E. Hackley, Muskegon, MI To register call Larry Shalda at 231-343-5559. Sliding scale $20-$40 to cover materials.
Dec 4, 2010
Basic Training
Metro Detroit Area Nonviolence Skills Training, Open to All! Details and Register @  Idealist.org.
Advanced Trainings 
(Weekend Retreat)
This weekend is the next step after Basic, and the first step to going on a team! Details (follow the link and click on your preferred date) @ Idealist.org.  
Feb 25-27, 2011
April 1-3, 2011
June 3-5, 2011
Aug 19-21 (Tentative)
Oct 14-16, 2011

 This is the Quick Reference Toolbar: Your 'Passport' to Tools and Information! 

Click the links or images below for more information.

For those interested in MPT International Teams.

(Hint: Take a Peek, even if you're not ready to apply!)

(Remember, teams fund-raise to cover their costs.  It's very possible to go on a team without paying out of pocket.)


Support Teams...

Click the photo above to see the form to join.  Select a "montly contribution" to be added to the Circle.
A monthly donation of:

$10 - pays for a basic training manual for someone new to nonviolence.

$30 - covers expenses for a DAY for an International Team Member.

$150 - enables HUNDREDS of low-income members to recieve our quaterly print Newsletter.

$3000 - pays for one international team member in the field for a month or more, including airfare!

Any amount is welcome-- $10, $50, $100 or more (or less!!!).

For more information about Sustainer's Circle or to join over the phone, contact Mary Hanna in our main office in Lansing at 517-484-3178 or maryhanna.mpt@gmail.com.
808 W. Barnes Ave. | Lansing, MI 48910 US

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