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Four people shot in Kafr Qaddum demonstration.

Today in Kafr Qaddum, Palestine the occupying Israeli defense forces shot three young men in the legs with 22's and a fourth with a rubber bullet at a demonstration protesting the road closure. Two illegal Israeli settlements located between Kafr Qaddum and Jit have blocked the Palestinian road and the occupying Israeli defense force shoots protesters that just want the right to travel from one village to the other. The protest has been happening every Friday at 12:30 pm and will also be every Saturday at 2:30 pm.

Standing at the end of the road, protesters started a fire. The occupying Israeli defense force advanced towards the crowd. Without using tear gas to disperse the crowds as was done the week earlier, the Israeli soldiers simply began to shoot at the unarmed Palestinian boys. The crowd began to run away from the seven soldiers. Several boys carried the injured to the ambulance. The Meta Peace Team, press and ISM were there to witness the event.

There was one Israeli man standing against the Israeli soldiers and yelling in Hebrew “You are criminals using live ammunition against unarmed people” and “Your commanding officer is sending you to hell.” Road closures near illegal Israeli settlements are just one example of how the Israeli settlers control the military and governmental policy to some extent.
MPT videos Israeli soldiers advancing in village

Occupying Israeli soldiers with settlement in background

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