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Israeli defense force fatally wounding University students

Going to a University can be challenging for students. Studying, taking exams, working to pay for your classes, transportation and food are all stressful. Palestine Technical University-Khadoorie has the added threat of being shot or killed by the Israeli defense force while attending class. The Israeli defense force practices military exercises on a daily basis at Palestine Technical University using students as targets. Last Thursday the Israeli defense force shot one PTU student in the head and Saturday they shot another in the chest. Both students are currently in critical condition at Nablus Hospital.

The Israeli military has sent over 500 students to the hospital in the last two months as part of their regular training exercises. Many of these students are crippled for life as the world turns a blind eye to the terror Israel inflicts on them as they go to class. The military has no business being on University property. This occupation is part of Israel's grand scheme to use whatever means necessary to move Palestinians off their homelands. As I watched the emergency medical volunteers standing ready by the ambulance, a female student said, “This is the real terrorism.”
Engineering student with textbook

Another student Israeli defense forces injured

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