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U.S. Citizen shot by Israeli defense forces at Palestine Technical University

American citizen, Scott (last name withheld) was shot by Israeli defense forces, while visiting a Palestinian photographic and art presentation at Palestine Technical University-Khadoorie. The Israeli defense forces invaded the campus while Meta Peace Team members were viewing photographs of Palestine and talking with students on Saturday, November 28.

While at the art display, we heard several loud percussion grenade explosions and the room began to fill with tear gas. We ran outside with the students, choking and crying when we saw two Israeli military jeeps parked in the middle of the University campus and then the Israeli defense forces began to open fire at the crowd that was choking on tear gas. Seven students were hospitalized with 5.56 NATO bullets (all 15-20 years old), 10 students were shot with rubber bullets, 5 shot with plastic-coated steel bullets and 58 students were treated for tear gas inhalation, according to one ambulance driver. Scott was shot with a plastic-coated steel bullet in the shoulder and is recovering.

Israel illegally confiscated over 60% of the PTU's campus when they built the “Israeli Apartheid Wall” across University property. Two months ago the Israeli defense forces began shooting and tear gassing students on a daily basis in what some believe is an attempt to close the University and gain control of the land. During the past two months over 500 students have been hospitalized.

Israel defense forces are terrorizing students that are trying to get an education. Israel seems to have successfully manipulated the U.S., discounted the U.N. and controlled the media to prevent the world from understanding what they are doing. 
Percussion grenades and tear gas filled the campus

Israeli military jeeps on PTU campus seconds before IDF fired into the crowd of observers

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