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Report #3 From El Salvador - Understanding the Parties/Candidates


Five political parties are competing in El Salvador´s 2014 Presidential Election: Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN); Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA); UNIDAD;  Fratenidad Patriota SalvadoreƱa (FPS); and Partido SalvadoreƱo Progresista (PSP).

Salvador Sanchez Ceren (FMLN candidate), the current Vice President, proposes to increase employment; via a public bank and industries; improve security through police technologies and anti-drug abuse activities; and increase educational opportunities. (SHARE)

Norman Quijano (ARENA candidate), the current mayor of San Salvador.  He indicates he plans to reform the economy to increase employment; decrease poverty; and increase security. He would use government investment in public/private partnerships and use the military to counter gang activity. He advocates “fuersa con fuersa”,  and a no truce “tregura” approach. He says everyone will have access to potable water and electricity; and El Salvador will be “an ideal place for investment.”

Antonio “Tony” Saca (GANA candidate with UNIDAD support), a former president, indicates he plans to increase international investment in El Salvador and increase the quality of education.  Because of his work there are now UNIDAD Clinics for the poor. He says he will support dairy and livestock industries; cut pesticide regulations; and increase the use of farm equipment.

Oscar Lemus (FPS candidate) indicates that his priority is security and Rene Rodriquez (PSP candidate) has security; social wellbeing; and development as priorities.

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