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International Election Monitoring in El Salvador with SHARE

Electoral Delegation 2014

January 31, 2014

(Update from SHARE organization.)

Delegate Michelle Hannahs giving a literacy circle in Nueva Concepción, San Vicente school supplies.
Delegate Michelle Hannahs.
Garnered by a frenzy of democratically charged delegates, SHARE and several other solidarity organizations have been busy at work educating more than 200 International Observers on issues such as; democracy, food sovereignty, literacy, human and LGBTQI rights. 

Delegates have spent time learning about the history of SHARE as well as its current projects and focuses via various mediums, for example: a group of young people, from MPR-12(connect info) put on a short skit depicting SHARE´s role in accompanying the Salvadoran people while they struggled during the armed conflict. This morning, SHARE delegates attended a forum with the three primary Vice Presidential candidates from the FMLN, ARENA and UNIDAD. Later this afternoon, the delegates will begin their in-depth elections observation training. 

But the most exciting and significant is yet to come: Election Day. The delegates will disperse throughout the country to assure a fair and democratic process. They will observe various sites in San Salvador, including two of the largest voting centers in the city. Other groups will go to Ahuachapán, San Jorge, and Tacachico to monitor the voting process. All observers will make frequent call-ins to SHARE´s office team who will then consolidate the information into a report for the TSE (The Supreme Electoral Tribunal) just twenty-four hours after Election Day. On February 4th, SHARE and the other solidarity organizations will present their findings to the public at a press conference.

Over 200 International Observers this morning, at an open-forum with the three primary Presidential Candidates. (Photo Credit to Anna Fuqua-Smith)

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