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Winter Team Arrives Home Safely

Thank you for following the work of MPT's Winter Team in the West Bank!

Our team members have arrived home safely, and are completing the debriefing and re-entry process.  All of us at MPT would like to thank the Fall Team, the Winter Team and all of our support volunteers for some great work over the past six months!  We appreciate the commitment and sacrifices our teamers and volunteers make in order to make a difference in conflict zones.

Our next team is in training now, so watch for more introductions from team applicants for Spring/Summer here on the blog.

Don't forget, there are lots of opportunities for returned teamers to stay involved with MPT, from another trip into the field, to slots on our program steering committee, to helping mentor new applicants -- plus hosting house parties or speaking events for your friends and colleagues to help raise awareness!

We look forward to sharing more work from the field with you in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for reading,

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