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Fall Training for Peace Team

A colorful autumn setting in Clarkston, MI is the ideal location to prepare an International Team for third-party non-violent intervention in Israel/ Palestine during olive harvest season, 2015.

Meta Peace Team has trained hundreds of people in non-violent action based on the teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Team building, interpersonal communication, and consensus decision-making are a few of the topics included in the training and opportunities are offered for role play with team discussion following.

Team members deploy next month.  While there, the team will network with other international teams to act as a calming presence to help reduce potentially violent situations.

Meta Peace Team (formerly Michigan Peace Team) began sending teams to this region in 1995.
International Teams have been sent in response to invitations from areas of conflict around the world.

  • To contact Meta Peace Team or make donation to support their efforts, go to www.metapeaceteam.org

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