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New Askar Camp

27 Nov

We visited the New Asker refugee camp. The Asker Refugee camp dates back to the 1948 Palestinian displacement. In 1965 it had to expand to the New Askar Refugee camp which now has a population of 10,000 and is also under UNRW.

Like the near by Balatata Camp New Asker has a cultural center which tries to support the work of the over worked schools, two for the camp, and provide cultural and other needed services.

Askar Camp Cultural Center Computer room

Class room  the loom is for teaching weaving with handcapped stundents
with the schools stressed the cultural center works to close the gap

During the Intafata thsi street was deadly sniper from the settlement would shoot people who walked on this street

clouds role up the hill to the north of New Askar

A French group stood up here in horror as down below at the intersection occupation soldiers opened up and shot at a group of Palestinian children

The next three frams are a mural from left to right

This house will be an example of collective punishment. Because of what the son is accused of doing the parents house will be demolished (the Israeli engineers have all ready come out to plan the demolistion.) In addition the brothers house is on top so his house will be demolished too. It is one of the newer houses in New Askar. The streets are very narrow making it hard to get a picture of the house. And increasing the likely hood that many surrounding houses will be demolished.

looking north west. again the upper part of the hill side has been taken as an Area C around an illegal settlement. Which also took land from the legal owners

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