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closing Huwarra 24 Nov

                                                                                                                                                                            Another closure of Huwarra.

For some unknown reason the occupying army decided to close Huwarra again. They started from the north end of town and squads of soldiers walked down both sides of the road telling each shop to close and shutter their doors. A squad would come by a shop and then shortly after another squad would come by. We could follow their progress through town by where we heard the percussion grenades going off. We counted 12 of them by the time they reached the end of town.

We know, at other times, they have thrown percussion grenades into shops they thought weren't closing fast enough.  We also saw a bunch of boys running away from where were heard grenades and assume they were also throwing grenades at groups who were not getting off the street.

One grenade was thrown into a shop sign after the shop was already closed and shuttered. It not only damaging the sign, but also the damaged the lighting fixture in the sign and even the back of the sign.  It kind of feels like some of the grenades are thrown just because the soldiers enjoy throwing them. 

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