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purcussion grenasdes to close Huwarra

19 Nov 2014

closing Huwarra, putting it under curfew.

5:45 PM occupation soldiers walked down Rt 60, the main street, and told shops to close. Nothing unusual was visible on Rt 60 at that time.

A shop owner had just received a delivery which was piled high on his front step. The soldier told him he had 10 minutes to shutter his shop. Immediately following that some other soldiers walked up and started shoving the shop owner (who is a US citizen) around and sticking a rifle in his stomach. The shop owner said he would call the DCO. The soldier said he did not care and threw 2 stun grenades, one on the porch and one into the shop. The grenades cracked the tile floor and damaged some merchandise.

6:04 (15 minutes after the soldiers cleared the street) we received a message that settlers were throwing rocks at PA cars on Rt 60 in Huwarra as typical excuse for putting the Palestinians in the city under curfew.
two views of the smoke stains from the inside grenade damaged merchandise has been moved

grenade marks on darkend porch

shuttered shops 8 shops doors should be open with their lights on

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