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visit to site of earlier occupation

We visited the site where there had been a reported house occupation on 20 November, the night we went to the wrong house. This was way high at about the highest part of the town of Huwarra. It was a beautiful night view. Being late we had trouble to many the home owners. There is a coffee shop at the end of the road and the soldiers had forcibly taken a position on top of it. This position not only over looked the town but also overlooked where the customers were trying to watch the football game on TV. Apparently the soldiers were loud and abusive to the customers and pushed some of them around.
view of coffee shop and platform soldiers occupied

the occupying soldiers view of where men were enjoying watching a foot ball game
It is worth noting that if what the occupying soldiers wanted was a commnding view of the valley, they could have gotten a better one by going up the settlement/
one of the houses that may have been occupied

road to coffee shop

now that is a stair case

The occupying soldiers also stopped and searched every car that drove up to the.

The visit gave an opportunity to talk with young people who are active. These are people who wear a keffiyehs knowing they will be stopped and searched every time they meet an occupying soldier. Yet even these people say 1st they want Israel out of Palestine, but really they just want to get out, everyone wants to get out. They acknowledge that this is what Israel wants and say that Israel has made them hate their own home land.
view on a overcast day looking north

view on a overcast day looking east

view on an overcast day looking south

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