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15 Nov 2014 why cant we go to Jerusalem demonstrations

15 November 2014
Feeling the frustration of not being allowed to travel to Jerusalem, especially at this time when one of the most holy sites of Islam, the Al Asqa mosque is under direct attack, Palestinians symbolically opened the way through the wall. We arrived and about 50 people had assembled as the activists produced some special ramps to scale a wall. Then they crossed about 75 feet of land to cut a hole through the coils of razor wire. About 30 of the 50 assembled scaled the wall on the ramps, crossed through the hole in the fence. After a while everyone returned, climbed up the ramps, the ramps were carried away and all the demonstrators left before the occupying army arrived.

Another action that day was to amass at the entrance to the road that went to a settlement near Ramalla with the intent of closing the road. It was assumed that the occupying soldiers would be slow to use tear gas or rubber bullets so close to a settlement as it might disturb the settlers. This seemed to be true. They physically pushed demonstrators and they used numerous stun grenades, but they did not use gas or rubber bullets, although both weapons were present at the scene of the action. The demonstrators did close the road for a while, and Palestinian flags were prominent everywhere for even longer. One was even put on an occupying army jeep. This appeared to be just too much for one of the occupying soldiers who was especially aggressive after that. At prayer time about 20 Muslims prayed by the road to the settlement before the demonstrators decided to leave.

Rotary intersection settlement road goes to right of photo

Another view looking out settlement road

Occupation army and border police take center of rotary

Praying as part of demonstration. note that the helmets and bullet proof vests are mostly the press

There was another demonstration at the Qalandiya check point. This is a check point between Ramalla and Jerusalem and part of that wall keeps Palestinians from visiting Jerusalem and their Al Asqa Mosque. There were the usual tear gas, burning tires, rubber bullets and, rocks. Remarkably some Palestinians scaled the wall and placed first a Palestinian and then a Hammas flag on top of the wall. This was a very risky thing to attempt.

Peaceful marchers say we should be allowed to go Jerusalem, a center of our religion and our home land

A peaceful march needs a few tires burning to reduce the chance of being shot by occupation soldiers

Peaceful march near tires, the check point entrance to Jerusalem in the center back ground

sorry about sideways photos

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suzanne said...

Thank you for your work for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine, and for the news and photos. I am keeping your team and all the people that you encounter in my prayers.