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23 Nov 2014 house occupation

About 7:45PM we received a call the occupation soldiers had occupied a balcony against the wishes of the owner. As we approached three of them came down stair to meet us and told us we had no business there. The owner of the property told them we were his friends. So we walked up behind the soldiers.

At the top of the stairs we found that there were 7 soldiers in an unfinished part of the house. They told us they had permission to be there. The family that lives there told us that they had in the past seen the soldiers coming and blocked their way. But this time the soldiers made it in the common door. There are 10 people including 3 children that live in the house. They said not only was it scary having the soldier force their way in, but they were talking loudly and saying bad words when there were children there.

We stationed ourself between the door the room the soldiers were using and the door to the rest of the house. They told us that there was a military line at the door we could not cross. We sat down in the hall, the owners brought out chairs for us to sit there. Some of us deliberately sat blocking the doorway with our backs to the soldiers. We talked about Danish cooking. At every step we checked with the land owners to be sure we were doing what they wanted. After about 10 minutes the soldiers decided to leave. The land owners then invited us into the other part of their house and served us tea with many thanks.

the house

the back stairs they entered without permission

the hall we squoze into, 6 internatioals, 6 residents, 6 soldiers

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