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17 Nov 2014 occuation of a house by army

Received call from neighbor about soldiers having invaded a house. The father was away and there were just a wife and many children in the house. The soldiers forcibly walked in and gone up 4 floors and were apparently using it for an observation. We abandoned our meeting and rushed down, the 6 of us waited, wearing high visibility vests. Before we figured out if we could enter the soldiers came down peeping cautiously out the windows on each floor. Our Hebrew speaker said that as the soldiers passed us their squad leader said, ignore them, pay attention to your security. We scheduled a meeting with the man of the house, but it had to be rescheduled. We suspect he had security concerns. Apparently the soldiers had occupied this house 2 weeks ago.

While we have not met with the owner, the wife and children have been exceedingly nice to us.

We met an American/Palestinian who lives 1000 feet down the road and apparently the soldiers had done the same thing at his house a while ago.

Being at the corner of three streets with an open roof and a view of Rt 60 is no excuse for just forcing your way in and occupy an innocent civilians houes. This is part of what the US Revolution was about.

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