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MPT in Guatemala August 2014! Plus other Latin America exploration.

MPT is working with the Guatemala Human Rights Coalition and several other local organizations to perform witness and accompaniment in Guatemala this August.  Even more importantly, folks are working to evaluate the viability of future MPT Teams to Guatemala, and development of relationships for potential partners.

A lot of groundwork, research, and relationship building goes into exploring possible new MPT Peace Team locations.  The process can take 6 months to two years, including one or more Exploratory visits in country, before a new Peace Team can be established.

Experienced teamer and wonderful activist "Julie" is on the ground now, working with GHRC and local orgs to both provide witness and solidarity, and also research for future possible MPT work.

In addition to Guatemala, earlier this year (2014) MPT sent an Exploratory Team to Honduras to do similar work, and build on a 2012 MPT participation in a Delegation via SHARE.  We have also received invitations or suggestions for exploration regarding other Latin American countries such as Venezuala; and countries outside of the Americas, such as South Korea.  Exploration for MPT International Teams is an ongoing full time project!

MPT's steering committee and our Honduras Team Anchor are currently working to evaluate the 2014 Team and their findings, and plan for the future.  Please watch for additional reports on both Guatemala and Honduras very soon.

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