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MPT Guatemala 2014 Exploratory Teamer Julie

My name is Julie and I am a Catholic Worker from Des Moines, Iowa.  I have been involved with Meta Peace Teams for just over two years and will be traveling to Guatemala on behalf of MPT in just a few short days.  

I will be doing research and relationship building for Meta Peace Team as part of the Exploratory process for a potential new team location.  I will be participating in a Guatemala Human Rights Commission delegation.  The delegation will touch on many different tough issues that the Guatemalan people deal with on a regular basis.   We will be meeting with government officials, grass roots organizations, human rights defenders, and local citizens. The goal will be to get a greater understanding of problems such as gender violence, human and drug trafficking, gang violence, immigration, corporate takeover of private lands, and many other issues impacting the citizens of Guatemala.  

I will be working to make local connections to create a pathway to foster future possible MPT Teams who would perform accompaniment and more in the area.

I am excited for this opportunity however, I am still a bit nervous going into a new country and a situation that I have only read about. I am very thankful to be working with such an experienced group of people and am proud to be representing Meta Peace Teams on this journey.

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