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Meta Peace Team - El Salvador Election Monitoring Team Arrives Safely

Thanks for your interest in the work of Meta Peace Team providing accompaniment, conflict de-escalation, and nonviolent action around the world.  Our new team has landed safely in country and connected with our hosts.

As you may know, MPT sent it's first team to El Salvador this month, to participate in International Election Monitoring.  For this project, we have partnered will longstanding human rights organization, SHARE El Salvador.

For this short-term team, watch for their posts on our blog here, MPTinPalestine.blogspot.com.  Longer-term teams have their own blogs, but to make it easier for you to find posts, you'll be able to read this team's reports right here.

Also, be sure to meet other volunteers from SHARE and get reports about the work at: http://www.share-elsalvador.org/category/blog.


Teams Coordinator

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