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Three MPT Teamers are scheduled to deploy to the West Bank in early February.  We are excited to work together as a supportive and loving community who view peace work with MPT as an extension of the peace activism we are committed to here in the U.S.  We acknowledge the necessity of creating peaceful communities dedicated to nonviolence, as well as the power generated by modeling nonviolent resistance to U.S. Empire locally, nationally and globally.  We have completed Step 2 training and are currently attending Step 3 training in preparation to provide a counter narrative to force through nonviolence. 

We look forward to sharing all of our experiences on the ground in Palestine.  So watch for upcoming posts!  Peace be the journey!

-MPT Winter Team 2013

1 comment:

iskra_deszczu said...

good luck! way to go!

I wish to be able to go back There with you! send my loving to heartbreaker Palestine!