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Hmmm.... introducing myself seems a bit hard, I'm not sure what people want to know.  The facts. I'm 35, a daughter, sister, mother and community member of the Catholic Worker.  I lived on a farm growing up and love making art.  I have a wonderful son that I'm very proud of and a family I love. 

Why do I want to go to Palestine? This is what I wrote MPT... "There are many things that motivate me to want to do international work.  I try to live my life in the service of others and believe that I have a responsibility to do good with my life.  The only thing that I possess as leverage in this world against the systems that create suffering is my own body, voice, and mind.  Each of us have gifts that are meant to be shared with one another.  I think that this responsibility reaches beyond our neighborhood, city, and state lines. If we want to live in a world filled with peace and overcome prejudice and hate, we need to come together, sit in the same room, share a meal or a story.  I also think that simple acts of kindness change people's perspective.  That's what brings me to want to be on a Peace Team.  I like the idea of being able to go to another part of the world and connect with others reaching for peace instead of war.  I also would like to explore their culture and bring back an authentic view to share with people here at home.  It seems like most of the things people in America "know" is filtered through our media witch is bought and paid for by the same people making money off of our current war machine. I also have strong views about just being a witness in some cases.  Giving a voice to the voiceless is so very important.  When faced with a situation we cannot immediately change, bearing witness and relaying those stories can be very powerful." - more to come...

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