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who is on-board

I believe in gaps, unexpected exits, curiosity & secret gardens.

Dear Readers,
we are happy to share some hot news: The next "positively crazy" team is coming to the West Bank!

Who is "we"?

The first part of "we" is Katrina, in her twenties. Traveler, activist & artist. Living and on her way since four years ago. Independent photographer and journalist. Searching for forgotten, lost places and much more – people with various experiences, carrying the stories of their lives.
Used to work as a volunteer with disabled people (art therapy), sick children (Make a Wish Foundation), co-organizing various social projects (among many others: Free Tibet, Solidarity with Belarus, about North Korea, also gender topics), promoting culture such as literature, poetry, theatre.

 I lived in Athens, Greece for three months in a common teepee in front of Parliament during Occupy Syntagma square. This experience was an unforgettable workshop in nonviolent social disobedience.

Why do I participate in MPT?
I believe peace is not a political statement, but the most basic human right and it is everybody’s duty to demand it. I also think one of the biggest sins of our generation is ignorance. Going further, consciousness means given assignment, a challenge.
Also, protest is an art and I want to study on the best university – in action

Sincerely, in peace -


Samuel Weisbrod said...

Dude your post rocks!!

iskra_deszczu said...

thx, just my dating profile once again ;)