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Hello fellow peace activists,

My name is Tom and I will be going to Palestine in the near future with my wife Mary and three talented and dedicated young people.  Together we will make up the 2012 Fall Team on behalf of  Michigan Peace Team.

Mary and I are both retirees.  Our three children have left home and are living on their own.  Since our retirement Mary and I served in the U. S. Peace Corps spending 24 months in St. Lucia and 3 months in Sri Lanka.  Also, in 2009 we spent one month in the West Bank with MPT.

We are going to the West Bank again in order to stand with and support the Palestinian people in their struggle to be recognized and treated as human beings.  We invite you to follow our experiences by checking our blogs on a regular basis.  In that way you can experience to some degree what it’s like to live in a country that’s been under occupation for 45 years.

We ask for your prayers for our safety.  We’ll be back soon.  God bless.

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