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Peace Vigil in Lansing

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a vigil outside of the capital building in Lansing, MI.  Every Friday afternoon, a group of about twenty people gather together to hold signs in protest of the war in Iraq.  They have been engaging in this tradition since the start of the war in 2002.  The group members were very welcoming, and I simply picked up a sign that read, "No War on Iran," and became a part of the team.  There were a few passers by that honked their horns in support and one young man that asked a few questions, and that was it. What defined the experience for me, a first-time participator in a vigil, was the unity of the group. It was clear that they had a bond formed from their shared views, and it was very encouraging to see, especially in terms of their endurance and diligence in continuing to maintain their presence, week after week-even in freezing temperatures.  It was a valuable experience to include in my weekend of Nonviolence Skills Training.

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