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Goodbye from the MPT 2011 Fall Team

MPT has made a number of friends in the Huwarra area. One gentleman who visits with us often actually studied for over a year in the USA. “I was so excited,” said he, “to have a chance to tell Americans what is really happening over here. I came home after my year and was very discouraged. I can honestly say I do not think I was able to change even one person’s opinion.” He shared much more of course but went on to say, “Then one friend communicated with me saying that she now listens more and considers different points of view about Israel/Palestine. I guess it takes time for ideas to sink in. I guess I did have an impact just smaller than I would have liked.” Such is the case with our work in this long confusing struggle. We often wish that we could make huge impacts on those willing to listen. But realistically we are thankful for our readers who care enough to learn more and are open to new ideas

Thank you for following the blog, 2011 MPT Fall Team

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