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Announcing MPT Teachers Team Summer 2012! Calling all Teachers...

We're pleased to announce a very special Peace Team to Palestine: the MPT Summer 2012 Teachers Team! This Team will deploy to the West Bank, Palestine/Israel in Summer 2012.  Each member will have the option to join the team anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 weeks in the field.

We love our friends that are teachers, who already give so much for peace and justice-- and they make great Peace Team members.  We're currently talking with two of many wonderful returned team members that are teachers, to arrange for a Teacher to Anchor this special team.
We need your help!  Do you know a teacher at any level K-12 or undergraduate/graduate who would do great work for peace on a team?  Someone team-oriented, dedicated, in short just like all the teachers we know!  Could you forward this invitation to them with a short note from you telling them about this great opportunity, or invite them to contact Nicole or apply for a team?
Training will start as soon as January for our Part 1/Basic compenent, and the February 10-12th weekend for our Part 2 session will be required.  More information about training and more for International Teams under our current program is on our FAQs page.  More information about the February session to prepare for this team is at Idealist.org.  Even if you're just considering going on the team, we'd love to have you join us for this skills and information session in February.
In Peace,

Nicole L. Rohrkemper
International Team Deployment Coordinator
Michigan Peace Team

(586) 419-1070 (direct line)
NicoleR. MPT@gmail.com

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