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MPT Team Members Complete Fall Team Safely

MPT Fall Team members have signed off the team, and our US component has returned home safely as of Tuesday evening.

This very committed team has done great work in the West Bank, and remains committed to peace and nonviolence work.

All of us at MPT offer our sincere gratitude to the Fall 2011 Palestine Team and all of our domestic and international Team Members for being such an integral part of MPT's work and mission of nonviolence, locally and internationally.

We also want to thank the volunteers who supported this team and all our teams; those who hold the emergency phone, act as team Point Persons and Home Support, as well as our office volunteers and staff (who do so much-- from keeping records and paperwork on our teams and getting the team checks and funds in order, to making all of our various programs run harmoniously!).

in peace and with thanks,

Nicole R. for
Michigan Peace Team

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