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Stories of the Olive Harvest in the West Bank

The MPT Team in the field is busy supporting Palestinian farmers as they engage in nonviolent restistance to the illegal Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Today, the team had dinner with a local family in a village near Nablus, eating with about 25 Palestinian locals.  It was a great chance to make connections and help build recognition, trust, and community for MPT and local folks involved in nonviolent resistance.

As you may know, sometimes things move slowly under occupation, and the Palestinian economy has been all but devastated by the intentional effects of Israeli policy.  The team is still working daily with local folks to restore internet and phone access at the main house.

In the meantime, we encourage you to read the archives about Olive Harvest time.  Here are some selected articles written my MPT direct from the field, that you might find informational and engaging:

Internationals make a difference with protective accompaniment during Olive Harvest.

What it's like growing olives in the West Bank.

Brief retelling of one incident of settlers stealing olives.

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