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New Fall Team

Hello Friends of MPT,

This will be my second trip to Palestine with MPT. I am excited to be going back, seeing old friends, making new ones and learning more about the changes in the last two years. The Fall Team will be staying in Huwarra again, the same house, so I anticipate feeling somewhat "at home". My teammate is Gaby. She will add statements of her own.

That is me on the right and Gaby on the left.

in Peace, Fred

Hello, my name is Gaby and I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend almost a whole week in Michigan in the company of the incredibly courageous and inspiring folks from Michigan Peace Team and my fellow teammate. Travelling across the country to be here was definitely a worthwhile decision to take and I am currently looking forward to being a part of the Fall Team in the West Bank and I have set all my hopes that I would be able to fund-raise the necessary amount of money to make this trip happen.

I have gotten to know the Middle East and its amazingly warm and hospitable people in the process of my studies and some of my trips but I have never been in Palestine before. Therefore I am truly excited by the possibility to head there soon and hopefully offer my no matter how small personal contribution to a more peaceful situation.