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My fund raising letter

August 2011

Dear Friends,

A small bird found lying on her back was asked, “Why?” She responded, “I heard the sky is falling.” “And you think that you can hold up the heavens with those spindly legs?” To which she replied, “One does what one can do.”

I traveled to Palestine in 2009 with the Michigan Peace Team to do what I could do. Although I did not anticipate a second trip, I find myself called to return. I will spend about 7 weeks working in northern Palestine near Nablus this fall. As this is olive harvest time much of our work will be in the groves accompanying and picking with farmers. We work only in problematic areas, e.g. areas near settlements (illegal Israeli communities built inside Palestine in violation of international law.) We may also monitor checkpoints, attend demonstrations, visit places and groups, continue to learn about the many complicated issues, and be a peaceful support for the downtrodden (Luke 4:18). Simply providing some hope and support can be powerful deterrents to violence.

Gaby, my team mate from Bulgaria, has experience working with refugees and children in multiple international situations. She speaks many languages including Arabic and fluent English. Her talents and experiences will be very helpful. We travel as a team, work as a team, and share expenses as team. Many non-profits cover expenses and/or provide some compensation; MPT does not have those financial resources. Teams need to fund raise.

Gaby (age 27) and I are in very different situations. One of us has spent recent years volunteering rather than accumulating wealth and, after a long career, the other is financially comfortable. If you feel led to donate (donations to MPT are tax deductable), you may wish to consider the following options:

1. Donate quickly and easily at www.networkforgood.org —just enter “Michigan Peace Team” in the Charity Name search on the left side of the page—then click Donate Now. Please note - “2011 fall team –Gaby” if you want 100% to be used to cover Gaby’s expenses OR write “2011 fall team” if you want your donation split evenly.

2. Send a check (payable to Michigan Peace team) to MPT, 808 W. Barnes, Lansing, MI 48912-2220. On the memo line write “2011 fall team –Gaby” if you want 100% to be used to cover Gaby’s expenses OR write “2011 fall team” if you want your donation split evenly.

3. If for some reasons (injury, emergency, etc.) our trip does not proceed or is cut short, Tax Codes and MPT procedure do not allow for the return of donations. All donations would go toward nonviolence work and/or future peace teams. If this reality is a concern, you could opt to mail your MPT check to me. I will hold it and forward it to MPT in late September. Thus if problems occur prior to that time, I can return your check to you. (Contact me for mailing address - Fred)

Donate anytime but those received prior to Sept. 20 would be most helpful.

We will report regularly about our experiences at http://mptinpalestine.blogspot.com/

I will be sharing individually on my personal blog (contact me for the URL – Fred)

A part of our commitment is to share about the experience after our return. Please consider how and when I might be able to present a program or join a discussion.

Whether through material acts or spiritual acts, thank you so much for your continuing support. Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or comments. Some of you may consider my involvement unsafe, unwise, or misguided. I might have felt so myself a number of years ago. The more I have learned; the more I feel called to this kind of involvement. I encourage you to continue learning about the issues – this one or some other, discern the appropriate action for your understanding, and to do what you can you.

in Peace, Fred


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