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Update on Sandy Q. Injuries & Legal Action, Thank You for Support!

Teamer Recovering from Broken Wrists, Filing Civil and Criminal Lawsuits
Read about Accountability of Israeli "Security" Forces on Yesh-Din's website.
Thank you to all our friends and members who have voiced their support of the Spring Team and member Sandy Quintano after she suffered serious injuries as a result of assault by Israeli authority forces on May 1st, 2011.
You support has been overwhelming.  Sandy would like everyone to know she is at home and recovering from two broken wrists and a head injury (the head injury turned out not to be serious).  She maintains her positive outlook and attitude, as ever.  She is recieving medical treatment from her physicians and is currently in a split on each wrist (the left one, she is happy to report, she can remove for periods of time now!).  Her right wrist has a more severe break, and will require more extensive treatment and physical therapy. 
Sandy reminds us that it's everyday violence against Palestinians that is the biggest issue, as she has been on two Peace Teams with MPT and has seen the results of the occupation first hand.
Sandy is continuing her work opposing military violence and the occupation, by preparing to file both Civil and Criminal charges against those who injured her.  She is working with the organization Yesh Din and Israeli attorneys to prepare her case.  Reporting and raising awarness about these kinds of abuses of power and military violence against unarmed, nonviolent civilians is key, according to Yesh Din.
We hope to share more and cover the progress of the legal actions as matters develop.  Sandy's team continues the work of doing follow up to their team experience, and supporting one another through this situation.  Please watch for additional reports from the team on our Palestine blog in the near future.
Read about the MPT West Bank Spring Team's experience standing in nonviolent solidarity against Israeli forces, and Sandy's serious injuries on the front lines of the demonsation.

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