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Video Footage of Michigan Volunteer Injured in Israeli Military Action

Nablus District, Palestinian Authority (West Bank)
Released: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 EST (GMT -4)
Press/Media Contact: Sheri Wander, Michigan Peace Team (USA Contact) 734-754-0648, or sheriwander.mpt@gmail.com. General Inquiries see below.
Sandra Quintano (age 60), American citizen and resident of Port Huron, Michigan left Me'ir Hospital in Kfar Saba, Israel on Monday after being treated for two broken wrists and a cut to the head. The injuries occurred as a result of an assault by an Israeli soldier in the village of Izbet al-Tabib in the Qalquiliya District of the Palestinian Authority on Sunday afternoon. Ms. Quintano was at the village as a member of Michigan Peace Team (MPT) to participate in nonviolent demonstration, and to help prevent violence against civilians (primarily Palestinians and international activists).
MPT is releasing video footage of Ms. Quintano being injured and the time immediately following on their website today,    http://www.michiganpeaceteam.org/for_immediate_release.htm .  Video, reports and more information will be made availble by the Team in days to come at www.MPTinPalestine.blogspot.com.   Additional footage of the nonviolent demonstration and the arrest of several international activists is being reviewed and is expected to be released in days to come. Those interested in a copy of video footage or using footage on their website should contact MPT directly.

MPT Team members had been in the village since Friday, along with other local community organizers and international activists, to protest the construction of the separation wall through village land, the confiscation of agricultural and homestead land to build the wall, and to protest the scheduled demolition of 31 homes currently owned/occupied by Palestinian families. On Sunday afternoon, Israeli military forces and bulldozers entered the area. Ms. Quintano was injured when soldiers physically assaulted nonviolent activists.
The MPT Team is continuing their work at MPT's West Bank location near the city of Nablus. Ms. Quintano expects to fly home within the next few days for further medical care, as her injuries are serious and will require further treatment.
Michigan Peace Team (MPT) trains volunteers from all walks of life in nonviolent action and communication, and deploys peace teams to areas of conflict worldwide. MPT currently maintains a presence of rotating teams in the West Bank (Palestine), and has worked in the region for over 8 years. For more information on MPT, see www.michiganpeaceteam.org, and MPTinPalestine.blogspot.com. MPT's main office is located in Lansing, Michigan.
More information regarding the injuries and arrest/detainment of at least three other international activists at the same demonstration can be found on the ISM website: http://palsolidarity.org.
For further information contact:
Main Press/Media Contact: Sheri Wander, Michigan Peace Team President (USA Contact) 734-754-0648 or SheriWander.MPT@gmail.com
General Inquiries: Nicole Rohrkemper, MPT International Teams Coordinator (USA Contact)  586-419-1070 or NicoleR.MPT@gmail.com.
Friends and Family, Well Wishers:  Show your support for Sandra, fellow activists, and Palestinians in Izbet Al-Tabib by leaving a comment at www.MPTinPalestine.Blogpsot.com.  Any information cleared for release will be shared on this report website; for confidentiality and other reasons MPT cannot provide additional information to loved ones at this time.  Friends and family are encouraged to contact Sandra's Home Support Person, Ed Harder, at truevel@gmail.com.

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