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Palestine and the Arab Revolutions

It was no surprise that there was much talk at the conference of the revolutions spreading across the Arab nations. The question often brought up was, what does this mean for Palestinians? What makes Palestine different from other Arab countries? Why have we not seen the same revolution that has happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Libya and other countries?

One response that was given was that these countries do not have the geographical separation like the West Bank and Gaza, the physical separation of the Wall, nor do they have the colonization strategies of the settlements and Israeli only roads that are creating Bantustans across the West Bank.

In one of the discussion panels, Dr. Karma Nabulsi who is a professor at Oxford University and until 1990 a representative in the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) in Lebanon, Tunis and the United Kingdom, said,

“Any regime that is representative in the Arab world stands with the Palestinian people because the Arab people are with us. It’s very simple."

Click here for our video clip of her speaking at the conference on the Arab revolutions as well as the Palestinian struggle both within the Occupied Territories, within Israel and among the refugee diaspora.

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